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Monday, June 05, 2006

This Blog Will Vanish

All the posts from this blog are being imported into my new, all-inclusive blog, Crafting Jen. If you'd like to continue following my adventures in life and crafting, please bookmark the new site.

I will leave this blog in place for a couple of weeks, then it will be deleted to help clear my slate.

Thanks for sharing the ride

Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's About Time

As of tomorrow, this blog and four others will be retired. They will be replaced with my new blog, I Knit Around, to which I have been cross-posting this week.

The blogs that are retiring are:
I have found that under my current reality, I want a single blog that presents an integrated view of these aspects of my life, since any given day may see several of these subjects mixed together.

If you are a regular reader of any of these five blogs, please join me at the new site. It will contain all the topics you've been reading about until now, only they will be presented in context as a part of my whole life, not just one aspect. The URL to bookmark is:
Three other blogs will remain separate. They are:
The first of these is my beading blog, and that subject still has enough life of its own to merit a dedicated blog. The last two aren't entirely used as blogs - they are more like project-specific databases. And so they stay as well.

At some point, I'll be changing my homepage as well. It has served as a central hub for all my blogs, and obviously that purpose changes somewhat now. I will likely be using a blog format there, with links on the sidebar and current news and updates listed in the posts.

My thanks to all of you (it's what, at least three, right?) who have been reading my oft-times odd posts. I enjoy what blogging does as it helps me examine my life and strive to find better focus and understanding.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Half-Vest Project

I've been knitting away at Gryphon's Sweater Vest, and have reached a critical juncture. The body is long enough, now it's time for the armhole shaping.

Sweater Vest for Gryphon - Ready for Armhole Shaping
Half a Vest is Better Than No Vest
I'm pleased with the progress on this. It's been a fast knit, and the material is coming out very even and professional looking. Say what you will, sometimes a cheap yarn like Red Heart Supersaver is just the ticket, depending on the project.

Once this is finished, I'll be looking forward to seeing how the vest comes through the wash. I'm not certain, but this may be asking a lot. We ran a load of clothes today, and heard an alarming high-pitched whining while the machine ran. This was clearly a new noise, or we wouldn't have been disturbed by it.

Gryphon, handy beast that he is, opened the washing machine up, did a little research on the Internet, and has come up with two likely candidates for the problem. I won't get into what they are - it's his job to know about these things and take care of them. At any rate, it looks like with a little time and effort on his part, and maybe a couple of parts from an appliance store, he'll have the machine in shipshape this weekend.

Which is good, because I have about enough clean clothes to last me until Sunday.

Administrative Note: This week, all posts are being cross-posted to my new blog, I Knit Around. Sometime this weekend, I'll be retiring Folkcat's Fiber Crafts (and four other blogs). Those five blogs will be kept as archives, and they'll be replaced with I Knit Around as my single all-purpose blog. For a summary of the changes to the blog roster, please read this.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And Another Thing...

I'm still deep in the process of evaluating most everything I do. The work of consolidating the majority of my blogs is well underway. For the rest of the week, we'll be in a transitional phase as everything I post to the five blogs that will retire will be cross-posted to I Knit Around, the new blog.

Having to re-think my approach to my crafts - and make decisions about where I really want to put my crafting energy - I've also talked at length with Gryphon about both the Cafe Press shop and my newer Etsy store. Both require a certain amount of effort above and beyond the mere crafting of items or creation of images.

Since I began the Cafe Press store a few months ago, I've hardly ever managed to get in to monitor the shop, create new products, or think about new images to offer. And let's not even talk about the fact that for it to work, I really should be spending time marketing the store. It seems clear that running a Cafe Press shop requires me to do things that I really don't want to get involved in.

Same thing with the Etsy store - or with my efforts to sell on eBay. It would be one matter if you could just throw the things out there and forget about them until someone buys something. But listings cost money, and the Cafe Press shop has a monthly fee. Gryphon and I are having a hard time justifying spending any money on something where I just can't manage to follow through with marketing and product development.

The decision we've mutually come to - I'll be closing both shops within two weeks. This gives you one last chance to pop in and pick something up if you want it.

Gotta run now - it's craft circle night, and I want to eat some dinner before folks get here. Take care!

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Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm back - sort of

I spent a large part of last week sick, and not feeling up to anything, including blogging. I felt better over the weekend, but I'm feeling a bit of a relapse today. Don't worry, I'll be fine, it's just one of those things that needs time, patience, ibuprofen, and a caring husband to get through. I have all of those at hand.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on the concept of consolidating many of my blogs. I have a strong sense that the current tangle of blogs I have "just grew", like Topsy. I'm looking forward to the next phase of my blogging, which will hopefully be a more carefully thought through matter.

Of the eight public blogs on the current roster, only three will remain as separate entities. I'm choosing to deal with the consolidation by creating a new blog, which will start fresh. Probably later this week. Meanwhile, here's a look at the list of blogs that will be staying, and why:

  • Confessions of a Chantraphile. My beading is enough of a separate category to warrant a place of its own, though I'm going to be watching to see if it would be better served by folding it into the new core blog some day.
  • Folkcat's Craft Library. This blog is used as a database for indexing my craft books. That will be best served by keeping it as a one-function blog.
  • The Milford Memory Box. This one hasn't reached its full purpose yet, but ultimately, it's intended to serve as an online scrapbook displaying contributions made by geocachers to the Milford Memory Box. Since that's a project-specific purpose, it's staying as is.
My other public blogs will all be consolidated into one, and I will use that blog as more of a general life journal than any of them have been so far. At one time, it made sense to me to keep cooking, knitting, geocaching, and other subjects as separate blogs. But life changes, and the more I blog, the better I understand what I'm doing and how it's all integrated into my life.

The subjects that remain, while no less important than my beading, are all matters that my life revolves around. I can't sit still without picking up my knitting. Gryphon and I love geocaching, but only get to do it irregularly in the current gas crunch - however, we still work on planning outings, and we maintain our own geocache hide with frequent visits. Creative cooking is a delight, and while I don't do it every day, I at least think about it. And I've been much more active taking photographs since I began blogging, so that no longer feels like an oddity in my life - it's just something else I do.

These, then, are the subjects that will be gathered under one new blog - and thus, the existing blogs that will be replaced. I'll keep them around as archives, so if there was a favorite post, don't worry - I won't be sending it away any time soon.


The new blog will have a large knitting focus, but anything else could come into play as well. I've taken the inspiration for the title from my latest adventures in Extreme Knitting. No, I'm not knitting while skydiving or anything that extreme. My Extreme Knitting is more a matter of finding unusual places to knit in. Last week, as I was waiting out my health issues, the perfect phrase to describe what I do popped into my head - "I Knit Around".

A quick search on the web, and I found I was clear to use it. I've spent part of the last day working on finding a blog template I liked, and establishing the basic elements. As I post this week, I'll probably cross-post to I Knit Around. Then, sometime later in the week (or early next week), I'll officially retire the five blogs listed, and I Knit Around will officially be my primary blog.

If you'd like to see what the new site will look like, the url is:

It's been really interesting to watch the place that blogging has taken in my life, and how that has evolved in the few short months I've been doing this. Someday, you know, someone's going to write a social history of blogging, and hopefully they'll give case studies of how it started and grew in peoples' lives.

Meanwhile, thanks for being along for the ride - and I'm looking forward to the new paradigm. I hope you'll watch the changes with me.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Okay, okay - I had to break down and ask Gryphon to collect my bedroom A/C from the storage locker and re-install it today. The weather had been uncomfortably warm, and the window fan was proving inadequate to cool the room at night.

Since my primary blogging computer is located in that room as well, my blogging has been suffering. It's hard to think coherently when you feel like you're sitting in a sauna.

I also think I was starting to be too much affected by allergies again. And I've been starting to come down with something - I had a cough yesterday, and have been running a low-grade fever.

So rather than continue to stress my body by insisting that I could get along without the A/C, I give in.

I'm still giving thought to combining my blogs down. One of the reasons I haven't done that is that Blogger, unlike some of the blogging systems you pay a fee for, doesn't have the ability to categorize posts. Which is why, when a subject seemed to take over, I tended to give it a blog of its own.

I'm exploring Technorati, however, which seems to offer the ability to give keywords - and, therefore, categories - to posts no matter where you're blogging.

If this proves itself as a concept, we may see a severe collapsing of the Folkcat Blog Tree down to fewer branches. Stay tuned.

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