Thursday, September 15, 2005


Okay, okay - I had to break down and ask Gryphon to collect my bedroom A/C from the storage locker and re-install it today. The weather had been uncomfortably warm, and the window fan was proving inadequate to cool the room at night.

Since my primary blogging computer is located in that room as well, my blogging has been suffering. It's hard to think coherently when you feel like you're sitting in a sauna.

I also think I was starting to be too much affected by allergies again. And I've been starting to come down with something - I had a cough yesterday, and have been running a low-grade fever.

So rather than continue to stress my body by insisting that I could get along without the A/C, I give in.

I'm still giving thought to combining my blogs down. One of the reasons I haven't done that is that Blogger, unlike some of the blogging systems you pay a fee for, doesn't have the ability to categorize posts. Which is why, when a subject seemed to take over, I tended to give it a blog of its own.

I'm exploring Technorati, however, which seems to offer the ability to give keywords - and, therefore, categories - to posts no matter where you're blogging.

If this proves itself as a concept, we may see a severe collapsing of the Folkcat Blog Tree down to fewer branches. Stay tuned.


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