Friday, September 09, 2005

Good Thing the Plan is Flexible

See, I knew this was likely to happen. That's why I'm glad I assumed that my daily plan needed to be flexible to accommodate changes on a moment-to-moment basis.

Today, Friday, was supposed to be a CafePress Focus day. Instead, Gryphon and I wound up going out doing grocery shopping, taking up a large portion of the time before he left for work. Then, after he left, I got together with a friend who sometimes comes for an informal knitting session on Fridays. We had a good knitting visit for several hours, and I'm glad I remembered to call her and suggest she come over.

But it did eat up the time I would have spent on CafePress. No biggie - I'll just do that another day.

In other news, I'm having a hard time dealing with the indecisive New England weather this week. Several days ago, I had Gryphon take the air conditioner out of my bedroom window. The night was cool enough that the AC thermostat wouldn't kick in the cooling feature.

Our bedrooms are directly over the basement for the apartment building, and in that basement is the boiler - the big, mucking boiler - for the hot-water. Which both provides hot water to the taps, and heats the apartment building in the winter.

It also heats our apartment, just by virtue of operating so close to us, all year 'round. Add in the fact that our apartment is situated such that we have windows on all four sides of the building - East, West, North, and South - and there is nothing providing shade for those windows. Even on a cool night, our apartment gets hot enough to want the AC.

But if the thermostat on the AC won't let it cool, what to do? On the night in question, I decided the best course of action was to take the unit out of the window, and substitute one of our two-fan window fans. You know the kind, with settings for Intake, Exhaust, and Exchange so you can get the best air-flow.

The fan did the job of cooling my room so well that night, I figured, "heck, it's into September, we're likely to continue seeing really cool nights like this - might as well put the AC in storage."

So what happens? We have a few of really, really hot days, and nights no cooler than 60 degrees or so. The AC would have handled that well.

We've left the AC in the living room, which has Southern and Western exposures and is one of the hottest rooms in the house. And Gryphon has his unit still in his bedroom, with Eastern and Southern windows. My bedroom, with Northern and Eastern exposures, gets the worst of it in the morning, but starts to cool down the rest of the day. Which makes it easier for me to not ask for the AC to come back from the storage locker.

The sort of low-cost AC unit we have cools well, but I was reminded when I went back to depending on natural, unaltered air - AC has an artificial feeling that can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you have to use it for too long. I'm not an outdoor person, but there's been something refreshing about the natural air coming into the house again, even if it's too warm.

In the end, I have to accept that I need the AC for a large part of the year. I have allergies that it filters, and I don't tolerate extremes of temperature or humidity well. So without the AC, most of the summer would be intolerable for me.

It's nice to be able to get away from it sometimes, though.


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