Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day Two

Day Two of my new attempt to make what I do as regular as any paying job would be, that is.

I worked hard yesterday. It was my "eBay/Etsy" focus day, and I spent a lot of time getting pictures taken and re-sized, then putting up six listings on Etsy. That took me several hours, since I was also learning Etsy's system for the first time and establishing my shop there.

But it's done, and I have items up for sale. This is a good thing. I just hope that Etsy, which is still in beta, lives up to its promise.

Today, I'm feeling the physical toll that yesterday - and the last several days, I think - took. I was up and down a lot, putting beaded stitch markers on a display stand and snapping photos of them. And I have spent so much time knitting the last few days, my hands are aching. Not a good thing.

Thursday is supposed to be my knitting focus day, and it's looking a little uncertain right now how much knitting I'll actually wind up doing. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm not letting today's lack of energy disturb me. This is a new program I'm on, after all, and I can't expect it to work perfectly every day right from the starting gate.

I'll be back tomorrow - hope to see you here!


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