Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Creating a Map

I'm trying awfully hard to think of what I do as a career. This is difficult, since I don't have a formal job working for anyone in particular.

I am blessed with a husband who believes in my artistic abilities, and who wants to give me the space to develop those to the fullest extent I can. We both believe that it's possible for me to put together a patchwork of a number of things that can ultimately count as an income-producing career.

To that end, I have come to a resolution this past week. I will be attempting to structure my days as a job. I will come up with, if not a job description, at least a map for my days so that I have the time, energy, and most of all, the permission to give focus to those things that show promise.

There are a few things that I will make sure happen daily, at least from Monday to Friday. I will give an hour each to knitting (or other fiber crafts) and to beadwork. And I will blog. The first provides material for the second.

Okay, that all kills about 3 hours a day. Four, if the writing comes with difficulty. If I really want to consider this a full-time job, I want to fill around 4 more hours each day.

There's where the new idea comes in. I've listed a set of what I'm calling "intensives" that I will work on through the week. Each intensive is a different subject area, and each will get that entire four hour block one day a week.

And so, on Mondays, I'll Clean and Organize. This makes immense sense for the start of the week.

On Tuesdays, which is also my craft circle day, I'll do Beadwork. That's what I usually work on at craft circle anyhow, so it's as if I already have the four hours allotted for beadwork on Tuesdays.

On Wednesdays, I'll work on setting up Online Sales at eBay and Etsy. This could include photo sessions for my products. It also sets up an obligation to check regularly on other days to see if anything has sold and needs to be shipped.

On Thursdays, I'll work on Knitting. This means that, aside from the hour every day (and the time I'll be relaxing and pick up the needles), I'll spend 3 - 4 hours focusing on a specific knitting project. That's enough time to make bloggable progress on something - even my lace shawl project, which moves slowly.

On Fridays, I'll work on the Cafe Press Shop. This could involved creating new images, adding new products, reviewing what sells and what doesn't. I'll also use this time to keep up to date on news at CafePress, something I have to admit I haven't been good about the last few weeks.

Obviously, I'll be allowing for flexibility here. You know what happens as soon as you think you have a plan - something comes along to make it change. So I'm not considering any of this carved in granite. If something has to slide one day, there's room to fit it in on another. Or I could really get on a roll with something for a day or two. Who knows?

But this feels good - I feel like I have a map, a day plan I can work with here.

This could be the start of something big!


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