Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday - I Have to Admit, it's Getting Better

Many thanks to the well-wishers I heard from after yesterday's post. By the end of the day, I was able to sleep all right, and today I'm no worse than on an average day. Which means I'm able to get on about my business and get things done.

Today saw Gryphon and I dealing, once again, with our tight budget. This being August, it's time to renew the registration on my car. Fortunately, we knew this was coming and plugged the numbers into Quicken weeks ago.

So we had the money allotted for it. The bad news, however, is that it left us no wiggle room this week. We have no option to put off registering the car, because we really do need to have it on the road, and the month is running out. And the few other bills we're paying this week - well, the vendors have been kind enough to allow us a few delays already, and we don't feel we can push that kindness any further.

That leaves us with $20 for groceries this week. Yeah. We've already spent just over half of it today, for such luxuries as bread. Milk. You know, non-essentials like that. We are so reckless with our money.

The very good news is, we have friends, and they spontaneously do things to help because they know the situation we're in. Yesterday, one of these friends asked when we'd be home today, because she'd been helping a neighbor with his garden after he'd injured himself. She came away from it with more produce than she could hope to use - but she thought of me and Gryphon.

Here's the bounty that wonderful friend brought by.
Garden Bounty, Generous Heart

It warms my heart that she thought of us, and this will be a big help - especially this week. It takes a lot of pressure off of the pocketbook for keeping us fed.

I'll probably write about what I do with all this over at Folkcat in the Kitchen, sometime in the next couple days. Meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy the fact that we have some very, very good friends.

It helps - a lot - to know that.

Now that the car is registered, we have to get it inspected by the tenth of next month. Keep your fingers crossed that it passes!


At Sun Aug 28, 10:36:34 PM, AmberLion said...

What a wonderful thing for your friend to do. What a difference good friends can make. :)

Best of luck with the car.


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