Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random Acts of Kindness; and Random Acts of Blogging

On Tuesday, we once again felt the touch of hands helping to pull us back from the edge a little more.

We are grateful to those who have been stepping in to help, unasked and unexpected. Thank you. You are making an enormous difference in our life right now.

As to my blogging, I should have thought ahead to this and given a little more warning, but here it is now, anyhow. Gryphon has taken a few days off from work this week. We can't afford to go anywhere, but we are hoping to spend time doing things together that we normally don't have a chance to do. So my blogging may be a little spotty between now and next Tuesday.

I'll post when it fits the flow of our days, or if something really noteworthy happens. But I may not post every day the way I try to.

Thanks again for reading!


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