Monday, August 22, 2005

A Blog (or 9), A Plan, No Canals; and, Minor Blog Condensation

No, I don't mean water misting up the screen!

First things first. I've been recently thinking really hard about how to make the maximum use of these blogs I have. (See the list at the side of the screen under the heading "Recently Updated Blogs" for links to all of the public ones.)

Many bloggers make a point of blogging daily Monday to Friday, but taking the weekends off. This is sounding like a good idea to me. I have the greatest time available to focus on writing entries on the weekdays anyhow, with Gryphon off at work.

I've determined that there are four blogs I can guarantee to update daily on a M-F schedule; the one you're reading now; Confessions of a Chantraphile; Folkcat's Craft Library; and Folkcat's Fiber Crafts. And I'm going to tempt the fates by promising you that now - that, barring the unforeseen (and I am touching wood as I type this), those four blogs will have something new each day of the standard work week.

I won't rule out that I may post on the weekends as well, especially if something noteworthy happens. But that will be bonus content.

Two of my other blogs are for very specific subjects, and I want to keep them separate for ease of access for followers of those subjects. Those are Folkcat & Gryphon's Geocaching Adventures, and The Milford Memory Box. These will be posted to as events occur, which may be irregular. I hope it will be at least weekly, however.

Folkcat In The Kitchen, my cooking and food memoir blog, will not likely be posted to daily. It's probably reasonable to expect between 2 and 4 posts a week, depending on how active my cooking is.

Folkcat's Fotos is the one remaining blog to consider, and consider it I have. I originally created it when I felt that some foto-blogging entries were over-running my general blog; now I'm thinking it would be best folded back into Life & Times instead of standing on its own. I expect within the week to have re-posted all the entries from "Fotos" to here. I will not mark them as re-posts the way I did the entries I moved over to Folkcat in the Kitchen, though - rather, I will leave them with their current time-stamps, and simply meld them into the "Life" archives in their alloted places.

I feel like I'm starting to get a grip on how to manage it all, and I hope this will help me do a better job of providing you something interesting to read on a more regular basis. If you have any suggestions to offer, or tips based on your own experience, please feel free to share them in comments.

Thank you for listening once again.


P.S. - Things are still rough, but I'm feeling better about it all. Gryphon's finally finished fixing the brake lines on his truck, and they're working! You can read about it at his blog, Gryphon in the Wild. He's writing a multi-chapter telling of the saga.


At Mon Aug 22, 11:58:39 PM, leesepea said...

That's still an awful lot of blogging, in my eyes.

I have a hard enough time being clever on one blog, and I'm not entirely sure I'm a success at that.

Good luck. Keep us posted. (Get it? Posted? Blogs? Posts? Posting on a blog or 9?)

See, not entirely successful in comments, either.


At Tue Aug 23, 12:06:21 AM, Jenny "folkcat" Kubeck said...

I know it sounds like a lot - but I can get long-winded at the drop of a hat. My husband can, too. We have to be very conscious of it when we're talking with people, we have the ability to take the conversation off on seemingly endless journeys, and if we're not careful, the folks we're talking to start to look like they want to escape... 8^)

At Tue Aug 23, 12:44:11 AM, Jenny "folkcat" Kubeck said...

****ing spammers! Die, Die, Die!


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